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Mr. Robot

Hi, my name is Andrew and I'm big fan of crime Why is this tv series so popular? Let me show you. If you have seen other movies from this director then you will know the story behind this tv series. I can't even think about other things while watching Mr. Robot. I remember when I first time saw trailer of this tv series and I had to watch it online It's hard to find any inappropriate scene in this masterpiece. I have never left such good review for any tv series in my life. Small aspects which are great, are making this tv series so good. I hate using torrents, thanks to this website I don't need it anymore, you can also watch Mr. Robot for free as I do here. I have no doubt, you will be excited with this tv series soon.

Episode count: 23

Actors: Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Carly Chaikin

Genre: Crime, Drama

Country: United States

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