The Sun Comes Up

The Sun Comes Up

Hello, my name's Mia and I am big lover of drama movies Why is this movie so popular? Let me show you. I respect such a great energy this movie bring with it. The Sun Comes Up just has everything movie need, you can watch it with your family, with your girlfriend or boyfriend or with your friends and everyone will enjoy it. This is the movie that get me to create account on imdb some time ago and write same review. How something created by such talented director can be not a wonder? I don't like visiting cinema, I prefer my soft couch at home under my blanket, usually quality of new movies suck, but with The Sun Comes Up, quality isn't so important. Richard Thorpe did excellent job, just as always. I hate using torrents, thanks to this website I don't need it anymore, you can also watch The Sun Comes Up for free as I do here. Watch The Sun Comes Up and stay for the final credits, they're interesting.

Quality: HD

Release: 1949

IMDb: 6,1

Duration: 93 min

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