The Kiosk

The Kiosk

Hi, I'm Veronica and I love reviewing movies :) Anete Melece is one of the most iconic directors of this century has shocked me once again! It has many hilarious moments, but I like it :). I can't even think about other things while watching The Kiosk. A very direct movie, it wants to slap you in your face. I couldn't believe I never seen this movie before. If you think this movie is bad, I can prove you that you're wrong. I think this movie is very underrated compared with other crap out there. It's hard to impress me, but The Kiosk did it easily. I wish I could be you and watch this movie once again without knowing every part.

Genre: Animation, Adventure

Actors: Anette Herbst, Hans Ruchti

Directors: Anete Melece

Country: Switzerland

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 6,5

Duration: 7 min

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