Space Dream

Space Dream

Hi, I'm Veronica and I love reviewing movies :) I only had one thought in my mind while watching this movie online - 'it is amazing!' My life was very similar to experience of main character. Space Dream just has everything movie need, you can watch it with your family, with your girlfriend or boyfriend or with your friends and everyone will enjoy it. There are so many details to overlook, you have to watch it again... I've seen lots of disappointing comments about this movie, but I honestly think they're just paid haters. I have never left such good review for any movie in my life. Dong Shen did excellent job, just as always. It's hard to impress me, but Space Dream did it easily. Watch Space Dream and stay for the final credits, they're interesting.

Genre: Drama

Actors: Zhibing Liu, Yu Bo, Li Niu, Youbin Li

Directors: Dong Shen, Jia Wang

Country: China

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 8,1

Duration: 120 min

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