Shuttle Life

Shuttle Life

Hi all, I'm Lucas and I fall in love with this movie Tan Seng Kiat is one of the most iconic directors of this century has shocked me once again! If you're looking to waste few hours of your life, you're looking wrong! Every character here, has it's own important and funny moment. Movie with original story, Shuttle Life will surprise you with something new with each viewing. I've seen lots of disappointing comments about this movie, but I honestly think they're just paid haters. If you think this movie is bad, I can prove you that you're wrong. We all need directors like Tan Seng Kiat, only brilliant people are worth something. Shuttle Life is that movie, you'll watch many times in your life. It's interesting that you don't need to create account here to watch any movie online, so don't waste your time!

Genre: Drama

Directors: Tan Seng Kiat

Country: Malaysia

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 6,6

Duration: 91 min

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